Sunday, November 19, 2006

Little bobby

"Who's your friend," Jake asked while discarding two of his cards and asking the dealer for two more!?! "Uh, this is Bobby Reynolds, my best friend from high school" Peter replied, "he's just here for the weekend!!!" The five boys playing poker in Jake's dorm room all nodded their hellos to the slightly built young man before returning to their game! Peter and Bobby sat down in the corner to watch, but before they were even settled in their seats Jake piped up, "You know the rules, Pete, anyone watching has to strip just like the rest of us, so either get naked or get out!!!" Not wanting to be left out, Pete and Bobby quickly stood up and shucked off their clothes until they were standing there naked as the day they were born!!! Jake eyed the two freshmen hungrily and announced, "The winner of the next pot gets to suck Bobby's cock!!!" The other boys at the table murmured their approval at the idea and set about finishing up the hand!!!

This was the usual Saturday night poker game Jake had held in his room for the past two years, and while most of the boys playing were either juniors or seniors, there was nothing any of them liked better than to suck off the nice little stiffy from a cute eighteen year old!!! Jake of course had the biggest cock in the room, and as was usually the case, he sat there with his huge erection sticking up out of his lap, flaunting his manhood for all to see!!! Everyone at the table had at one time or another had the good fortune of getting Jake's massive member shoved hard up their hot ass, but what most of them really wanted to do was put his huge pecker into their mouths and suck him off!!!(Everyone except Frank that is, he just loved getting his ass fucked, but that's another story!!!) Bobby watched nervously as the hand was played out, and much to his absolute delight Jake pulled and inside straight and gleefully leaped to his feet as his huge boner bobbed menacingly in the air before him!!!

With a look of pure lust on his face Jake motioned Bobby over to him, and after kissing the shaking boy full on the lips, he dropped to his knees and inhaled the tiny hardon into his mouth, inducing a gusher of cum from the hot little organ in the first few seconds of his sucking!!! Jake hungrily gulped down the warm cum, and after savoring the hot sperm shooter for a several moments, he got back to his feet and whispered into Bobby's ear, "How would you like my spike up your tight little asshole!?!" Now almost delirious with lust, Bobby shuddered at the mere thought of such a huge erection inside of his cute smooth bung hole, and as his little prick began to instantly erect itself one more time, he leaned over a folding chair with his butt up in the air and his legs wide apart in an open invitation for Jake to have his way with him!!!

"Somebody get over her and get his twink ready for me," Jake demanded, "I don't wanna hurt him ya know!!!" A junior named Dean quickly scampered over from the card table, and after kissing the smooth white bottom all over both cheeks, he calmly stuck his tongue into the young man's asshole and began rimming it for all he was worth, taking great care to be sure that he was lubricated enough to accept Jake's massive erection!!!" Of course Bobby had had many rim jobs in his day, after all, being such a pretty little boy made him quite popular with all of the boys and men back home, but never in his life had he had such an expert ass sucking than this young college student was giving him at this very moment!! Jake watched with bemused attachment while Dean worked over the hot tight twink, and after five minutes or so of sucking he playfully shoved the young ass licker out of the way and took his place between the young man's shaking legs!!!


"You ever been ass fucked, boy," Jake asked while spitting into his hand and fisting his already hard as steel erection, "now's your last chance to say no cuz once I start fucking you, there's no way I can stop!!!" Bobby just shuddered one more time, and in almost a whisper he moaned, "P-please, fuck me like the little bitch that I am!!!" That did it!!! Jake lined his hardon up with Bobby's tight little bung, and after grabbing the young man by the hips, with one mighty shove he rammed his nine inches of brutally thick pecker meat all the way to hilt causing poor little Bobby's eyes to practically pop out of his head at the viciousness of the attack!!! And that's exactly what it was, an attack on the young lad's tight little asshole!!! Of all the men on campus Jake had by far the most prodigious sexual appetite for tight young assholes, and once one was place in front of him there was nothing you could do to keep him from literally fucking it to death with his incredibly long and thick erection!!! All of the coeds had heard the stories of the huge piece of meat that hung between Jake's hot thighs, but they soon found out that he would never waste a load of cum on a pussy when he had so much tight smooth boy ass to fuck!!! In fact, one young women was so smitten with Jake that she coerced him into taking her to the Home Coming dance, and once at the dance he pulled her into a store room where she thought that finally she was going to get to have his magnificent cock, but much to her dismay, there waiting for them was a cute little dark haired freshman boy who Jake allowed to suck his huge pecker off right before the stunned girl's eyes!!! Needless to say once that story got around campus no other woman ever took the chance on crossing Jake again!!!

Anyway, back to little Bobby, Jake was now ramming the poor little asshole like a mad man, driving his almost indestructible penis in and out of the him like a trip hammer on an assembly line!!! The rest of the boys at the table had naturally begun fisting their own hardons, and as Jake and Bobby approached their climaxes the room was filled with the unmistakable sounds of young men on the very cusp of blowing their massive loads in what could only be described as a hot gay circle jerk!!! Jake's head was now rolling around on his shoulders while he butt fucked the cute little eighteen year old for all he was worth, and while he had fucked literally hundreds of hot young men in the ass, he was surprised to find that Bobby not only loved getting jammed he was actually thrusting backwards to meet the vicious stroking Jake was inflicting on him!!! The boys around the table had by now migrated over to the fucking couple, and as Jake roared like a lion as his orgasm erupted deep inside the bowels of his new little fuck doll, the rest of the group fired off load after load of hot gay love onto Bobby's back, inducing him to shoot his own little pecker all over the back of the chair!!!

Jake's pecker slipped form Bobby's rectum with a popping sound, and true to form one of the boys from the card game quickly took his place on the floor in front of the big dicked senior and licked and sucked his huge shaft and balls clean!!! Bobby on the other hand got pretty much the same treatment from another boy, and much to the delight of everyone there he shot another load down the throat of the gay cocksucking college student!!! "Well, Pete," Jake said with a smile, "you can bring this cute little twink along when ever you want, he's fucking hot!!!"


Marsden tried in vain to get a grip on what was overcoming him, but it was a much too powerful force that had taken hold of him, and as he struggled to get a grip, the orgasm that had been building slowly over the past hour sent his pecker reeling out of control as it convulsed spasmodically to its crushing completion!!! He lay there in the darkness of his bedroom bathed in sweat as the last vestiges of his climax slowly ebbed from his shaking body!!! "W-what the heck's happening to me," he asked himself softly while padding off to the bathroom to wash off, "this is the tenth night in a row!?!"

"Jeez, fella, I hate to say this but you look like hell," Vern told Marsden as the two of them huddled around the coffee machine at work, "what'd ya get last night, two hours sleep!?!" "I wish," Marsden replied after taking a sip of the piping hot java, "do I look that bad!?!" "Well, I guess that depends on your definition of bad," Vern replied with a chuckle, "what's the problem, I hafta tell ya you've been looking a little ragged for over a week now?!?" While the two of them wandered slowly back to their offices Marsden whispered, "Can you stop in for a minute, I have to tell someone and it might as well be you!?!" "Okay, give," Vern said while settling down in a chair opposite his friend's desk!!! "I-I don't know quite how to explain this," Marsden began slowly, "but have you ever, I mean when you're sleeping have you ever had a, you know, a climax, in your sleep I mean!?!" Vern stared blankly at his friend for a moment and asked softly, "You mean a sexual climax?!?" "Is there any other kind," Marsden asked a little irritably, "of course a sexual climax, well, have you had one in your sleep!?!"

"Good grief, man," Vera replied, "you get right down to the brass tacks don't you!?!" "I didn't know how else to phrase it," Marsden replied, "and I'm desperate!!!" "A-are you really having orgasms in your sleep," Vern asked softly?!? Marsden took a another slug of coffee, emptying his cup, and then after taking a deep breath answered haltingly, "T-they're the most incredible climaxes I've ever experienced," he said barely above a whisper, "and as good as they are, I have absolutely no control of them!!!" "Wow," Vern said with a low whistle, "do you have dreams when you cum, I meanЕЕ.?!?" "I know what you mean," Marsden said while cutting him off, "and the answer is yes, I have one or two different dreams, but usually it's the same on over and over!!!" "W-what is it," Vera asked thickly, "tell me!!!"

The room was now lousy with the undercurrent of sexual tension, and as the two men shifted uncomfortably in their chairs Marsden replied in barely a whisper, "Usually it's just me and a man, a young man who is incredibly handsome and naked with a huge erection!" "Then what," Vern asked while licking his lips, "d-does he fuck you?!?" Marsden's eyes had long since glazed over, and after giving off a slight moan he went on, "I-it's always the same, he comes to me, and without saying a word unzips my pants and just tears off my shorts, and with unbelievable strength lifts me like a rag doll and lowers me onto his thick pecker!!!" "S-sweet jesus," Vern replied as his fingers found their way into his own jockeys and began furiously jerking, "and that's when you cum!?!" "Like a rocket," Marsden replied while opening his pants to show his hardon to his friend's steady gaze, "j-just look at my pecker, that's how it always is since this whole thing started!!!"

Vern's eyes were locked on Marsden's huge erection, and in a barely audible voice asked, "H-have you ever pressed your cock against another man's!?!" "N-no," Marsden gasped, "w-why do you ask!?!" "Because that is exactly what were gonna do," Vern moaned quietly while coming around to Marsden while thrusting his bulging organ forward and panting, "m-my god, that's so nice, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, our heads are rubbing together, I'm gonna cum!!!" Marsden's head was by now rolling around on her shoulders as his pecker began to lurch out of control, and as his climax began to fire off, Vern surprised him by kissing him hard on the mouth while the two sex hungry studs ground their hot cocks together in an orgasmic rainbow of colors!!! Vern had suddenly taken control of the situation, and in a move that stunned Marsden, his coworker dropped to his knees and after giving him a wicked smile, began sucking the excited man's hot pecker for all it was worth!!! Marsden's cock automatically bucked forward into Vern's mouth, demanding that he suck it harder, and the sooner the better!!!


"Y-you do that so well," Marsden gasped while his cock was literally being eaten alive, and just as his pecker was about to explode in thunderous explosion, Vern took his thumb and rammed it hard into the unsuspecting bung hole, inducing an orgasm from the spasming organ that was truly monumental!!! After finally collapsing back into his chair, Marsden just sat there with a dazed look on his face, but if he thought that she was going to be able to rest he was very mistaken as Vern was already busily sitting on the edge of the desk with his legs spread and an expectant look on his face!!! Marsden took his place between Vern's open thighs, as he guided his hard cock into his hot waiting mouth!!! After a moment of teasing, he flicked his tongue over the smooth satiny head, and with one final glance into his eyes, Marsden inhaled Vern's boner, inducing his friend to unleash a vicious explosion into his hungry mouth!!!

The two men, now both completely sated, just sat there in silence, not really sure what to say about the strange turn of events that had just taken place, but finally it was Marsden who spoke and offered, "Well, I don't know what bearing this has on my nocturnals, but I must say that it's certainly good for my mornings!!!" Vern, while casually jerking his semi hard prick replied, "And mine too, my boy, and mine too!!!"


Billy surveyed the communal shower for a second trying to make sure that none of the dreaded Bros were present, and when he was sure that the coast was clear, he slipped under the first available head and quickly began soaping himself!!! Billy had a problem that was common in every large prison in the country, he was considered a pretty boy, one that the rough trade just loved to use and abuse until his asshole was bloody and his mouth was stretched to the limit!!! He had a guardian angel so to speak, but Big Vince was spending two weeks in the hole, and if the Bros caught him alone they'd have him for breakfast!!! He was just about to make a break for the dressing area when out of nowhere two Bros sauntered into the room, and after seeing that Big Vince was nowhere in sight they quickly grabbed the helpless Billy, dragged him into the corner, and began fucking him in his lily white mouth!!!

The two powerful black men had immense peckers that Billy could barely get his mouth around, but it would do him little good to scream out because the prison was really run by the gangs and no guard would take a chance getting in the middle of a little "friendly" fucking a few of the boys were having with worthless little slut like Billy!!! While at least ten other cons showered not more than twenty feet from where they were standing, Billy was now being leaned against the wall with his legs spread wide apart while his asshole was being brutally sodomized by one of the largest cocks in the entire penitentiary!!! Tears began streaming down his cheeks as the two hung studs had their way with him in the most vile ways imaginable while everyone else in the shower room was just thankful they hadn't picked on one of them!!! After they'd had their way with him, they gave him a kick in the ass that sent him sprawling on the slick tile floor with the warning that the next time they'd fuck him to death!!!

A week later when Big Vince was released from solitary, and he was stunned to find his bitch in such bad shape, and while he gently sucked the poor boy's pecker he vowed to get even with the scum that had perpetrated such brutality on a helpless young white boy!!! For Billy, having Vince back in their cell was more than just having his protector return, it was also having his lover of over two years retaking his place in their bed!!! For the first week Billy wouldn't let Vince's big cock out of his sight, either it was in his hand, asshole, or mouth, and while Vince was a little put out with all the attention, he generally handled it with good humor and let his bitch have his way with his big piece of cock meat!!! "Mmmmm," Billy sighed while cupping Vince's tight balls and licking the smooth shiny head of his hard dick, "I really missed my big pecker, is it okay if I suck it off!?!" Vince had already cum twice in the past three hours, but seeing how hungry the little bitch was for his seed he merely nodded his head and let Billy fill his mouth with his life giving cum!!! Twenty minute later when there was lights out, Billy settled down between Vince's legs and drifted off to sleep with the big hammer resting in his mouth!!!

For the next several weeks thing went along just fine until one day when he and Vince were standing in line for dinner, Billy excitedly pointed out the two pricks that had fucked him in the shower room!!! Vince spoke softly to several of his buddies and nodded towards the two black men on the other side of the room, and after a few minutes of discussion a plan was hatched to get back at the two assailants!!! The two black men were like Batman and Robin, practically never leaving each others side, so it would require at least four of them to make sure they had enough fire power to hold them down while they exacted their revenge!!! For the next couple of weeks they followed the movements of the two assholes, and after charting their routine it was decided to take them down in the laundry room behind the giant dryers that ran twenty four hours a day every day!!! One reason was for the privacy the dryers would afford them, but also the noise from the constantly running machines would drown out any screams the two blacks might be making!!!

Two days later at exactly three thirty Vince and three of his compatriots sprang out of the shadows, and after a brief struggle dragged the two stunned men to the shelter of the laundry room!!! They kicked and fought every inch of the way, but it was to no avail as they were caught in the vise like grip of the four big cons!!! When they were finally out of sight, Vince worked them over with his fists for a few minutes, and after softening them up a bit, shoved them down on the floor where he rammed a single broom handle up one their asses, and after making sure it was securely in place, shoved the other end up inside the other jerk's straining bung hole!!! While they struggled feebly to free themselves, Vince and Billy wrapped duct tape around their waists and legs, effectively locking them together while still being impaled by the brutal broom handle!!! Laying there on the floor they were bound together like Siamese Twins, but the worst was yet to come as Billy began playing with their big black cocks!!!


The two men fought giving into their desires, but much to their consternation it was inevitable that they would get huge erections from the soft manipulation by Billy's hands and the insistent feeling of being butt fucked by the hard broom handle!!! For the next hour Billy played and teased the two big cocks, sucking one then the other without letting either of the two studs get their gun!!! Before long they were begging Billy to let them get off, but each time their orgasms approached, he would expertly back off and let the tension in their groins relax just enough to take of the edge!!! While Billy played with their pricks, only a few feet away Vince and his three accomplices had taken off their pants and shorts and were taking turns sucking each others cocks until one at a time they shot huge loads down each others throats!!! Just seeing those big dicks convulsing and shooting large torrents of cum into those hot mouths drove the black studs delirious with desire, a desire that was doomed to unfulfillment!!!

As Vince and his friends recuperated from their cum, they all stood around the two stunned victims, and as Billy joined in, they began rhythmically jerking their dicks in what can only be described as a circle jerk!!! With their eyes glazed over with lust, the two black studs just lay there as they were showered with load after load of hot burning cum while their big cocks just quivered in the air, straining to cum but never quite getting there!!! When Vince and his men were done shooting their loads, they each gave their victims a couple of hard kicks to the ribs and left the poor men taped together and covered with cum, certainly much the worse for wear!!!

Private compartment

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sands," the conductor explained, "I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to over booking all we have left is a compartment for two!!!" "Your berth mate is a nice young man, so we hope you can see your way clear to accept these alternate accommodations at no cost to you of course!!!" The train was about to leave the station and Vic Sands was just finding out that his reservation on the Overland Chief from Chicago to Seattle was not being honored because of some stupid bureaucratic bungling! He had hoped to spend his travel time alone in his room reading and sleeping, but now that would be quite impossible, so with an obvious look of disgust on his face, Vic grudgingly accepted the conductor's offer and stowed his luggage in his berth and headed off to the observation car for a drink. After several high balls, Vic began to relax and tried to put the incident with the conductor behind him. It wouldn't do any good to mope about it, and he was saving a bundle of cash on the deal so why not make the best of a bad situation!!! The drinks had not only calmed him down, but they also had made him quite drowsy, so after rising to his feet on slightly unsteady legs, he made her way back to his berth for an afternoon nap. Sliding open the compartment door, Vic was surprised to find his traveling partner in their room unpacking his suitcase. The conductor had been right, he appeared to be a very nice young man, whom Vic guessed to be about twenty four or five years old. After stepping into the room, he extended his hand and said, "I'm Vic Sands, I guess we'll be sharing a compartment together!" The younger man accepted Vic's hand and replied, "My name is Seth Kilmer, I took the upper berth if that's okay with you, I had the upper bunk back home and I'm used to sleeping up in the air!" "No problem," replied Vic, "since I have about twenty years on you, I just as soon not have to climb all the way up there!!!"

Seth laughed at Vic's little joke and then returned to the task of unpacking his clothes. When he was finished he asked, "Do you mind if I take a quick shower, I feel pretty grimy after carrying that heavy suitcase in this heat?" "No, go right ahead," answered Vic, "I'm just going to lie down and take a nap until dinner!" Vic slid into his bunk and was about to turn his back to the room when out of the corner of his eye she saw Seth stripping out of his things right in the middle of the compartment!!! Trying to act as natural as possible, Vic watched the young man until he was standing there totally nude! Seth Kilmer had an incredible body, long and lean, with not a hint of fat, and a long thick cock hanging between his taut thighs. A very unaware Seth looked at Vic and said, "I'll just be a few minutes, and then you can have it!" Vic, trying to act nonchalant replied, "Take your time, I won't need one until bedtime!" While listening to the water gushing from the shower head in the bathroom, Vic couldn't help thinking about the naked form of his room mate and how it was making his pecker turn into a woody!!!


Vic had just dozed off when the bathroom door burst open and out pranced a dripping wet Seth drying his short curley hair. "It's all yours," Seth offered, his naked body still dripping wet from his shower! Vic was now staring openly at Seth's body, but for some reason he didn't care whether Seth saw him or not! Seth noticed the look on Vic's face and said, "What's the matter, am I offending you!?!" "Not at all," Vic almost too quickly responded, "I was just admiring your excellent physical condition!" Seth took that as a real compliment and did a fast pirouette, giving Vic a better look at his whole body and then replying, "You look in pretty good shape yourself, I'll bet even better than me!!!" "Oh, not a chance," retorted Vic, "I have a few sags here and there, but I'm not as young as I used to be!!!" "Oh come on," rejoined Seth, "just look at you, you're perfect!!!" Before Vic could answer, Seth had grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to his feet and as he was taking off Vic's shirt said, "The only way to be sure is to compare ourselves side by side!" Vic stood slightly stunned while the young man proceeded to removed all of his clothing until he was totally naked and then said, "See, I told you so you're perfect!" Vic's pecker immediately stood at attention while Seth checked out his body. "My, my, don't we have a large penis," commented Seth, and then calmly reaching out, he cupped Vic's balls gently in his hands!!! A low moan gurgled in Vic's throat, which brought a light chuckle from Seth and the comment, "Like that do you, well how do you like this," as he grabbed Vic's hardon and began jerking it in a firm but gentle fashion?!? Vic gasped when his spike convulsed slightly, and then in a shaky voice he begged, P-please, suck me!!!" "God, you're a good cocksucker," he gasped as the young man took him into his mouth, "oh my god, you're sucking me off!!!" The combination of mouth on pecker and finger in ass was too much for Vic to bear, and as his legs quaked unsteadily, a numbing climax ripped through his groin while he filled Seth's mouth with a load of life giving cum!!!

Vic was almost stunned at the incredible turn of events, so when Seth stood calmly in front of him with that terrific erection bobbing gently up and down, he did the thing any red blooded man would do, and sucked the hot pecker deep into his hungry mouth!!! "Oh my," the young man sighed as Vic licked and sucked the big hammer for all he was worth, "I-I can tell you've done this before!!!" "Vic chuckled at that comment and replied, "Well, maybe once or twice anyway," before returning to suck Seth's hardon with a vengeance!!! With years of cocksucking experience to guide him, Vic quickly brought the young stud to a brutally vicious climax that caused his legs to buckle as his sperm rocketed into the older man's hot wet mouth!!!

Seth collapsed back onto the lower bunk, totally spent from the experience, while his new friend offered softly, "And that, is the way to start a trip!!!

School for hung young boys: part two

"Don't worry," Mr. Vickers said softly to the newest enrollee at Private Prep School For Boys, "your parents can visit you anytime they wish, and remember, Christmas will be here before you know it and you'll be going home for the holidays!!!" "Yeah, that's true," Brian replied, "what I gotta think about now is the present, right!?!" "That's the ticket," Jordan Vickers answered brightly, "say, it's about time you met your new room mate, don't you think!?!" Now forgetting about the fact that his parents had just dropped him off at school, he turned to Mr. Vickers and replied excitedly, "Will my roomie be someone with the same problem as me, I mean does he have a large penis just like me!?!" "Why don't you see for yourself," Mr. Vickers replied while punching a button on his desk to summon his secretary to send in Will Knight, the young man that Jordan had selected to be Brian's new room mate!!! Brian waited anxiously as the door slowly opened and a thin young man about his size shuffled nervously into the room!!!

"Come on in, Will," Jordan Vickers offered, "I have someone here I want you to meet!!!" Both boys locked eyes for a moment, seemingly trying to feel the other out, but it was of course their huge penises that caught each others eye, and as they stared at the huge piece of meat hanging between the others legs, both of them immediately began to stiffen!!! "Well, well," Jordan crowed, "it seems as if you two have something in common!!!" Both boys turned bright shades of red, but as he usually did in these first meeting situations, Jordan came between the two lads, and very casually took each one by the cock and began gently masturbating them to calm them both down!!! Both of them sighed as the head master skillfully jerked their ten inch plus organs, and when he sensed they were about ready to shoot their hot loads, he quickly had stepped back out of the way and had them finish each other of by themselves!!! Brian grabbed Will by his huge pecker while Will was doing the same to him, and as they naturally leaned together and kissed each other passionately on the lips, their two erections spasmed hard in each others hand while each pecker convulsed and sent a torrent of hot goo all over the head master's office floor!!!

Both boys apologized profusely for making such a mess, but Mr. Vickers just laughed and said, "It's just a job hazard, what I hope is that you two will become fast friends, now Will, you've been here for a while so I want you to take Brian around the campus and more or less show him the ropes, okay!?!" Will nodded in the affirmative and replied, "Yeah, that's a good idea, let's go, Brian!!!" The two boys slipped out the side door to Mr. Vickers office, but before they were a mere ten feet down the hall Brian took Will by the arm and whispered hoarsely, "I just love you big cock, do you mind if I suck it for you!?!" "Mind," Will replied, "I thought you'd never ask," so after looking around to see if the coast was clear, Brian settled down in front of the slim hipped eighteen year old, and as his own penis became fully erect, he slipped Will's huge head into his mouth and gently sucked him to another cum shattering climax!!!

Once back in their room, both boys just stood facing one and other with their huge peckers hanging down and the velvety heads softly bouncing of each other!!! "Do you like getting it in the ass," Will asked quietly, "I just love getting reamed by a huge one!?!" "Doesn't it hurt," Brian asked doubtfully, "I mean look at the size of your pecker, it would rip me apart!!!" "Not if I'm careful it wouldn't," Will said softly while reaching down to caress his new friend's tight nut sack, "I would never hurt you, Brian, all I would do is make you feel good!!!" Now shaking like a leaf, Brian let Will lead him over to the bed where he had him lie down on his back with his legs spread wide apart!!! After taking a generous handful of petroleum jelly, Will slathered it into Brian's ass crack, making sure to get a goodly amount into his tight little bung hole, and after making sure that his friend was ready, he slipped between his legs and pressed his huge head against Brian's tight little twinky!!!


"I-it's gonna hurt me," Brian whined softly, "I can tell it's gonna be bad!!!" "Sush up," Will whispered, "try and relax your asshole, sooner of later you're gonna have to get ass fucked and it might as well be by me!!!" Brian knew that Will was right, sooner or later somebody would pop his cherry, and having a loving friend like Will do the honors was better that having some over anxious maniac do it when he wasn't really ready for it!!! "That's my boy," Will whispered gently, "it's almost in, ohhhhhhh, there it goes, uhhhhhh, you're so fucking tight!!!" In Brian's mind tight wasn't the word for it, his tender little ass was being stretched like nothing he had ever experienced in his entire life, and even though he was trying to relax his asshole it burned like the dickens just to have Will's enormous head barely inside of his virgin butt!!! He was just about to beg him to take it out when Will slowly but surely began stroking his meat in and out of his tight little bung hole!!! The pain was almost excruciating, but little by little a little bit of pain was replaced with even tinier pieces of pleasure, until almost like magic, getting his ass fucked seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do!!! "H-how does it feel," Will moaned into Brian's ear, "you have the sweetest little ass I've ever fucked!?!" Brian's own pecker was now as hard as a piece of blue steel, and as he reached under his belly to jerk it, he gasped to his knew lover, "F-fuck me harder and make me your bitch, fuck me in my hot fucking asshole!!!"

Even though he had promised to be gentle, Will had crossed the line of no return, and as if someone had turned on a switch in his brain, he began ramming his ten inches of hard cock in and out of Brian's ass with an almost brutal ferocity!!! Brian couldn't believe the onslaught that his poor little ass was taking, but even more incredible was the fact that ten minutes ago he was a relative virgin to ass fucking but now here he was on his back getting the fucking of his life and loving every second of it!!! The two boys were now on automatic pilot with Will butt fucking Brian into complete submission while he was wildly fisting his pecker in perfect time with each and every stroke of the gigantic young pecker that was violating his hot tight asshole!!! Each of them was in such a state of sexual hysteria that neither of them even noticed when Mr. Vickers stepped quietly into the room, and with very pleased look on his face, watched Brian take Will's hot load deep inside of his asshole while shooting his own load high on his belly an chest!!!

Will collapsed on top of Brian with his pecker still planted deep in his ass, and as the two of them nuzzled together in their post orgasmic glow, the head master pulled out his own cock and jerked himself to a hard quick climax, happy in the fact the two boys seemed to be hitting it off so well so soon!!! By the time he had put his dick back into his pants, the two boys were fast asleep in each others arms while their huge penises lay pressed softly together in a manner that would be the norm for the rest of the term!!! Jordan Vickers let himself out of the room and headed back to his office satisfied that both boys were on the path to happiness!!!

School for hung young boys: part one

"I hope you had a pleasant trip," Mr. Vickers offered while taking his chair in back to the desk, "it's a long way from Chicago!!!" "The trip was fine, Mr. Vickers," Mrs. Sparks replied dryly, "but let's get right down to business, do you really think that you can help our son, he's absolutely miserable in his school back home in Illinois!?!" Smiling slightly at the obvious impatience of Brian's mother, Jordan Vickers glanced at the top page of the young man's file before beginning, "Of course I think we can help him, we here at Private Prep pride ourselves in the way we're able to help these young men through very trying times, and from what I've read in his file Brian should be a perfect candidate for our program!!!" "Well that's good to hear," Virna Sparks replied gratefully, "at last somebody's gonna do something, I'm damned tired of talk, talk, talk, if you know what I mean!?!" "Well," Jordan chuckled, "we do counsel our young men, but of course much of our program is devoted to making the boys feel good about their bodies and their choice of sexual orientation, in other words, we let them know that having oversized genitals can be an asset, as well as can being gay!!!" "That's the kind of talk I want to hear," Virna Sparks replied softly, "I just want my boy to be happy!!!"

After that little exchange with Mrs. Sparks, Mr. Vickers turned his attention to Brian and asked gently, "So tell me, son, what seems to be your biggest problem?!?" With his head bowed down and his face reddening by the second, the eighteen year old stammered, "Back at home they tease me because of my large penis!!!" "Just the boys," Jordan Vickers asked?!? "No, the girls too," he replied sadly, "the boys told the girls what a large penis I had and they all started bothering me, and then when they found out I didn't want to be with girls but with boys, everybody just turned on me!!!" Mr. Vickers' heart was breaking for the young man, and in very soft voice he answered, "Well you won't have to worry about that anymore, Brian, because in our school everyone has a big penis and all of the boys are gay!!!" Brian's face literally brightened at the prospect of being with others like himself, so when Mr. Vickers asked him to stand up and expose his organ, he happily did as he was told!!!

"See," Virna Sparks offered, "if may say so he's hung like a horse!!!" "Yes he is," Mr. Vickers replied softly, "he has a very fine penis, and from the looks of it, it's also very thick!!!" "I'll save you the trouble of measuring it," she retorted, "it's ten and a half inches long and seven and a quarter inches around when it's fully erect, and from the looks of things he's getting very close to his full tumescence right now!!!" "That he is," Mr. Vicker observed, "so tell me Brian, how often do you masturbate!?!" "At least twice a day," the young man whispered, "i-is that bad of me!?!" "See what those assholes have done to him," Virna Sparks retorted bitterly, "no matter how often his father and I tell him everyone masturbates, he still feels like he's doing something wrong!!!" "Well we're going to change all that," Jordan Vickers replied, gently, "in fact just to show Brian that he's not alone we're all going to masturbate right along with him!!!" Mr. And Mrs. Sparks both looked at each other a little bit nervously, but when prodded on by the head master they both exposed their genitals and began masturbating along with their son!!!

Mr. Sparks, while not in the same class as his son size wise still had a very impressive penis, and when the father and son got to stroking, it was truly a sight to behold!!! None of the Sparks noticed it at first but Mr. Jordan had also pulled out his own erection, and much to Brian's absolute glee, he saw that his new head master was hung at least as long as himself!!! "Do you like looking at my penis, Brian," he asked the flustered young man!?! "O-oh, yes," he gasped while his hand flew up and down his super sized organ, "I- I've never seen another cock like mine before, it's really incredible!!!" "Why thank you, son," Jordan Vickers replied smoothly, "would you like to suck it for me, I mean only if you want to, we don't make anyone do anything they don't want to do here at Private Prep!?!" "C-can I really," the wide eyed youngster panted while riveting his gaze on the monster pecker sprouting like a tree trunk out of Mr. Vickers' groin, "y-you want me to suck it for you!?!" "Of course I do," he replied quickly, "I'm just as gay as you are, and there's nothing quite like being in a room with other gay men with huge erections just begging to be sucked!!!"


Brian looked hopefully at his parents, and one look told him that they were very happy for him, and without another word he made his way over behind the large oak desk and after giving a long sigh, let Mr. Vickers' erection slip into his warm eager mouth!!! "Whoa there, son," Mr. Vickers said with a laugh, "we've got plenty of time, it's not a race, take it easy and savor it, okay!?!" Brian moaned as he caressed the big organ with his tongue, but after a few moments he realized that Mr. Vickers was right and that he didn't have to hurry at all, so for the next fifteen minutes he teased and nibbled at the huge head until almost without warning his mouth was being flooded with a hot sperm shooter from the big cocked head master!!! "Oh myyyyyy," he groaned, "your son has a definite talent for cocksucking, I think he's going to be a fine asset to Private Prep!!!" Both Mr. And Mrs. Sparks had there own cums while Jordan Vickers was filling their son's mouth with cum, but now as they watched him cleaning the big shaft with is soft tongue they knew that they had made the right decision and that Private Prep was just the place for their boy!!!

The only thing left now was for Brian to have his own orgasm, so like any good son would do, he went over in front of his mother and offered his erection to her mouth so that she could suck him good bye before leaving for her return trip to Chicago!!! After having allowed her a good two minutes with his cock, he gently pulled away and gave his father the same privilege, and just like his mom his father proved to be a very attentive and responsive cocksucker!! After his parents had dressed and gone, Brian stood silently by the window as their car went down the driveway and out of sight, and as he turned around with tears welling up in his eyes, he was more than grateful when Mr. Vickers dropped to his knees in front of him and drank from his fountain of youth until he filled the older man's mouth with what seemed like gusher after gusher of life giving cum!!! When he was completely spent, he said softly, "So this is home, and I'm so glad to be here!!!"

The butt plug

Ricky stood quietly next to the bed while Jack reached out and played with his young butch's hard pecker!!! "Are you gonna be a good boy for me today," Jack asked while jerking on the six inch piece of hard meat!?! "Oh, yes," Ricky moaned, "I promise I'll be good, you can count on me!!!" "That's not what happened last week is it," Jack retorted while recalling the events of a week ago!?! "N-no," Ricky gasped as his orgasm bubbled close to the surface, "I-I didn't mean for it to happen but he was so strong that I couldn't resist him!!!" Ricky was Jack's bitch, but last week Ricky had had and interlude with a big hard stud who fucked Ricky in his tight little ass, and while Jack acted upset over the incident, he understood how a big hard prick could attract such a cute little bitch like Ricky!!! While Jack was six feet tall and built like an athlete, Ricky on the other hand was slight of build and easy prey for a marauding hungry stud, and as cute and attractive as Ricky was, it was always a job to keep the little prick in line!!! If he was a woman he would have been your typical cock tease, and I guess that is exactly what he was, a tease!!!

Now gently teasing his little friend, Jack went on, "I dunno, Ricky, you're really not very trustworthy, think I'll have to do something to keep you in line!!!" "Y-you're not gonna whip me are you," he asked contritely, "I said I was sorry!?!" "Do you think you deserve to be whipped," Jack asked!?! With his head bowed Ricky replied, "I-I guess so, but I'm really sorry and I'll try really hard to be a good boy, I promise, I really will!!!" "Well," Jack replied thoughtfully, "I know that you'll try, but that just isn't good enough, I'm gonna have to do something to let you know what a bad little boy you've been!!!" The twenty three year old shuddered at the thought of being punished, and just as he was about to reply, his hard pecker lurched hard in Jack's hand and sent a spate of cum shooting into the air and all over the bed and of course Jack!!! "I-I'm sorry," Ricky moaned, "I couldn't help it, you got me soooooooo excited!!!" "You're just sorry about everything this morning aren't you," Jack replied evenly while reaching into the night stand drawer, "let's see if this doesn't straighten you out!!!

"W-what's that," Ricky asked nervously while staring at a large latex object that looked a lot like a dildo but different!?! "You mean this," Jack asked casually?!? "Y-yes," Ricky replied very nervously, "w-where does that go!?!" "Where do you think it goes," Jack asked evenly!?! "O-oh nooooooo," Ricky moaned, not in my asshole, it's way to huge, please don't do that to me!!!" "Are you telling me what to do, bitch," Jack asked harshly, "cuz if you are I will whip your fucking ass, got it!?!" "Y-yes," Ricky replied quickly, "I'm sorry, it's just that it scares me, that's all!!!" Now reaching into the drawer and extracting a jar of petroleum jelly, Jack calmly began greasing up the head of the latex dominator, and after taking his sweet time with it finally looked up and ordered, "Okay, bitch, on your tummy and spread your legs!!!"

With his heart pounding a mile a minute, Rick slipped onto the bed, and while nervously looking over his shoulder, watched with his eyes wide as saucers as Jack pressed the huge butt plug into his tight little ass!!! "Oh, god," Ricky gasped, "I-it hurts so bad, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy, be careful, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that hurts!!!" Jack chuckled to himself as his bitch groaned louder by the inch, until finally the latex monster snapped into place as Ricky's ass gripped the brutal invader while if left him gasping for air!!! "My, my, my," Jack said softly, "it seem that my little bitch is having some discomfort, are you in pain little man, is your asshole burning!?!" "Y-yes," he replied with a moan, "b-but it feels all hot and full, I can't quite describe it!!!" "Maybe this will help," Jack replied evenly while whacking the end of the protruding rubber with the palm of his hand, instantly causing his hot bitch to gasp and moan while his pecker instantly became erect and ready to go!!!

Jack casually tapped the end of the fat butt plug, and with each stroke the poor man was being driven closer and closer to a stunning orgasm!!! When he was sure that he was on the precipice of cummimg, Jack had the glassy eyed young man sit on the edge of the bed, which naturally put more pressure of the brutally thick plug, and after standing up in front of him, he offered his huge pecker to Ricky's hot mouth!!! He then let the hot wired bitch suck him to a quick and satisfying orgasm as his own pecker bobbed helplessly up and down in dire need of some relief of its own!!! "Mmmmmm, that was a good little bitch," Jack sighed, "I guess we're all done now, right!?!" With his eyes practically rolling back into his head Ricky grabbed his own pecker, and with a series of vicious strokes brought himself to a crushing orgasm!!!


Jack pulled the hapless bitch to his feet, and after kissing him full on the mouth, gently turned the young man around, and after having him bend over, grabbed a hold of the thick invader, and after caressing Ricky's smooth hairless ass, rammed the thick cudgel in and out of his burning bung hole until his cock again erected itself again and spasmodically fired off another cum shower, leaving the poor lad totally and completely wiped out from the experience!!!

After extracting the plug from Ricky's abused bottom, Jack planted little kisses all over his smooth cheeks and whispered, "Now, next time it will be worse, do you promise to be a good little bitch!?!" Now barely able to rely, Ricky managed to mumble, "Yeah, but I think we'll have to try this one more time just to be sure!!!"